20th Anniversary of Intercem Engineering GmbH

From used machines to turnkey projects.

Intercem has been active in the cement industry for more than 50 years.

It all started with the sale of used machines for the cement industry. These were professionally overhauled and sold worldwide in almost new condition. On 14 April 2003 – 20 years ago – Intercem Engineering GmbH was founded, followed by Intercem Installation GmbH in 2007.

Today, the Intercem Group consists of the system manufacturers Intercem Engineering GmbH, Intercem Installation GmbH, both based in Oelde/Germany, and Intercem Cement AG, in Zug/Switzerland. The production facility is located in Oelde/Germany. The three companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Swiss Intercem Holding AG in Zug. The group currently employs around 50 people, mainly engineers and technicians. Long-standing, cooperative relationships and collaboration with engineering offices enable us to temporarily increase our staff to up to 100 people if required.

Thanks to decades of experience and an international network, Intercem in the group constellation offers its customers a comprehensive range of services in cement plant construction from a single source. The available, tailor-made spectrum ranges from individual components to upgrades of existing plants up to complete cement plants. Intercem’s guiding principle is: good organisation and clear agreements guarantee quick success. The company’s concept is geared towards flexibly adapting to the diverse challenges that arise when working in many different countries. With an export quota of approx. 80%, the main sales markets are currently in West Africa, France, Sweden and Germany.

Intercem-Engineering Managing Director Olaf Michelswirth has been travelling in Africa for 25 years. Since then, he has developed a great sympathy for this continent and an understanding of the African mentality. These are indispensable prerequisites if you want to be successful here.

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Press release: Global cement Intercem 20 Years

Order received for a secondary fuel plant. AF receiving, storing, reclaiming and dosing to rotary kilns

On the factory grounds of a German customer, a new secondary fuel plant will be installed to feed mainly fluff and other alternative fuels to the rotary kilns to increase the substitution rate. During the implementation, the existing plant will be kept in operation. The new plant is designed to ensure the receiving, storage, and dosing into the 3 of 4 rotary kilns on the plant site (step 1). Dosing unit 4 will be extended in a future step 2.

The AF material (mainly fluff) will be unloaded by walking floor trucks to be fed to a receiving station. It will be conveyed to a 2500 m³ stored unit. It is then discharged, treated and conveyed to the dosing system which is located on the burner platform. Subsequently, any foreign substances are removed, and the material is sorted before being distributed to the feeders. Each dosing unit feeds one of the main burners of the rotary kilns. The existing dosing station will be further used to feed the main kiln burners.

Intercem is responsible for the plant layout, mechanical engineering, delivery of steel construction and equipment, erection and the commissioning. The start of production will be in Q1/2024.

Contract award of a 2.5 million tpa cement grinding plant with VRM – Cimco Togo in March 2023

After 3 successfully completed projects by the Intercem Group (Cimfaso & Cimasso /Burkina Faso and CimIvoire/Ivory Coast), a further contract was awarded to Intercem by the CimMetal Group in January 2020. This involves a cement grinding plant in Lomé, Togo with a production capacity of 2.5 million tpa.

Project description

The order includes a truck unloading station 1000 tph, a storage facility for additives 25,000 tph, a truck loading station 1000 tph, 2 x 50,000 t clinker silos, 4 x Rotopacker, 8 x truck loading stations, 10 x truck scales and the corresponding laboratory equipment.

The steel construction, the entire sheet metal fabrication, the subsystems, the electrical equipment, the complete engineering, the supervision of erection and commissioning are also included in the scope of supply and services. The entire equipment is supplied exclusively by renowned European manufacturers.

All material conveyor belts are mounted in a closed gallery to ensure dust-free transport. his was planned because of the sensitive location in the immediate vicinity of the port in Lomé. The belt system is also designed for fully automatic ship unloading.

The first cement production is planned for March 2022.

Current status: Successfully commissioned in July 2022

Pictures from March 2023 in the image gallery.

Second clinker and raw material receiving hopper InterHop completed

Maximum flexibility, fast truck loading and dust-free operation – all this is guaranteed by the InterHop clinker and raw material receiving hopper. 40 tonnes of material can be unloaded in 10 seconds.

The commissioning of our first InterHop took place in July 2021 and the InterHop has been operating successfully ever since.

So successful that the customer already ordered a second InterHop in October 2021. This has now been completed in the UAE and is on its way to West Africa.

Intercem was awarded a contract for the construction of a cement grinding plant with a capacity of approximately 2.8 million tpa for West Africa in July 2022.

Project description

The contract includes

– 2 truck unloading stations 700 tph

– 1 raw material storage with a capacity of 35,000 t

– 1 clinker dome with a capacity of 100,000 tph

– 1 grinding plant with a VRM 390 tph

– 4 cement silos of 5,400 tph each

– 5 packing lines

– 10 truck loading stations

and corresponding truck scales, laboratory equipment, electrical equipment and automation as well as all related facilities.

The steel construction, the entire sheet metal fabrications, the subsystems, the complete engineering, the erection supervision and the commissioning are also included in the scope of supply and services. All equipment is supplied exclusively by well-known European manufacturers.

First bag of cement is out!

We are pleased to announce that the Cimco Togo cement grinding plant, as a member of the CimMetal Group, started the cement production on 31.03.2022.


The plant is situated in the harbor of Lomé, Togo. This is the fourth cement plant project Intercem brought in production successfully for the Cimmetal Group, with their head office in Burkina Faso.

The plant with a capacity of approx. 2,5 million tpa includes truck unloading and loading stations with a capacity of 1.000 tph, a storage facility for additives with 25.000 to, 2x 50.000 to clinker silos, a cement grinding plant with a 400 tph VRM, 4 x cement silos with each 5.400 to, 4x Rotopackers, 8 truck loading stations, 10 truck scales and the corresponding laboratory equipment.

The entire equipment is according to the best technology available and of EU origin.