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The Intercem Group is a leading supplier of complete solutions for cement plant operators. Intercem is the ideal partner for planning, detail engineering and handling greenfield projects – even for investors still finding their way in the cement industry. We specialise in renovating and modernising production facilities such as grinding mills, packing plants and rotary kilns for clinker production. Our concepts, machines and services are at the cutting edge of technology.

Get everything from a single source:

  • Engineering, planning and implementation of customer-specific renovation projects, modernisation, upgrades, process conversions and delivery of new plants
  • Project management, site monitoring and commissioning, along with assembly, dismantling, maintenance, repair and reconditioning of machines and plants
  • Complete plants, new machines, spare and wear parts, and – as a special feature – used machines either reconditioned or provided as-is
Site | At its site in Oelde, Germany, Intercem operates within an impressive modern infrastructure covering an area of around 10,000 m². Offices equipped with the latest technology are supplemented by storage and movement areas designed to work as effectively as possible.

The newly constructed reconditioning and manufacturing centre is capable of processing even the largest components and individual machines. Along with the latest maintenance tools, facilities for optimisation procedures, and instruments for quality assurance, we rely on a skilled team of employees.

Designed for producing in-house and external structures for machine and plant construction, sand blast cabins, paint shops and an indoor crane facility with a 32 t hook load are all available over around 3000 m² of working space.

The perfect performance solution | The Intercem Group is made up of the plant manufacturers Intercem Engineering GmbH and Intercem Installation GmbH, both based in Oelde, Germany, as well as Intercem Cement AG in Zug, Switzerland. They are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Swiss-based Intercem Holding AG in Zug. Intercem provides all services in the cement plant construction industry from a single source and has also worked in close partnership with global engineering and service companies for many years. Thanks to decades of experience and an international network of affiliated companies, Intercem is able to offer its customers a service profile that goes above and beyond the standard range.
Intercem has been a successful player in the cement industry since the 1970s. Intercem Engineering GmbH, which was founded in 2003, and Intercem Installation GmbH, established in 2007, are part of a network of companies which commands in-depth knowledge of the international markets, and understands how to adapt quickly and flexibly to the plethora of challenges that arise when working across many different countries. The range of services extends from the dismantling and reconditioning of machines and plants, and their construction and transportation, through to project management, assembly, commissioning and aftersales service.

Thanks to their services, the Intercem Group has been a successful player on the market for over 40 years. Intercem’s international customers have been cared for from their site in Oelde, Germany, for more than 10 years.

The Intercem Group’s expertise, decades of experience and global network form a solid basis for a valuable synergy that benefits all Intercem customers.

Whether you’re looking for individual components or an entire plant, the Intercem Group offers a customised range of services.

Presence guarantees speed | Our global presence and close links with our local partners mean that our products and services are available at very short notice – and are always of the highest quality.

Customised solutions ensure success | Our balanced range of services and products is put together in cooperation with each individual customer and customised to suit their particular needs. This means that we can ensure the success they hope to achieve.

Efficiency provides free scope | There is a great deal of flexibility in the handling of projects thanks to the individual ways in which our service modules can be combined. This gives us free scope in terms of finances, time and space.

Fast.Fair.Flexible. | These three qualities are worth remembering, because it is through them that Intercem can bring you precisely the progress you want, both now and for the future, whatever the size of the project.

We treat every one of our jobs as a project, and assign one of our highly qualified teams to handle it. The project manager is in charge of operational planning and supervision of the project, acts as a contact for the customer and is responsible for achieving the goals defined during project implementation.

Our projects are prepared in the planning department. Project planners are always involved in the implementation of the project so that they can respond flexibly to any changes with appropriate modifications and new plans.

We work together with selected heavy goods transport companies who hold all the necessary licences and certifications and meet all applicable legal requirements.

Demonstrating market strengths | From individual machines through to entire plants, the Intercem Group disassembles, inspects, repairs, modernises, transports, assembles and recommissions production facilities for the cement industry.

We work on the basis of a 3-Level-System: in addition to building brand-new plants, we also offer our customers the options of used and reconditioned products or new solutions created from used and new components.

The finished plants are carefully prepared for transport and delivered to new locations all over the world. Our high quality, technical expertise and customer-oriented service have ensured that the global reputation of our products and services continues to grow. Fast.Fair.Flexible.

Used machines and plants are reconditioned and modernised to fully meet the requirements of each individual customer.

Combining used and modernised machines with new state-of-the-art technology means that we are able to create custom solutions for even the most complex of tasks.

We provide our customers with the necessary engineering services – for example, for building a new production facility. These services range from the 3D project design right through to the detail engineering.

Action instead of reaction | Proximity to the customer, direct communication and a continuous flow of information are particularly important to us. This requires us to cultivate internal as well as external cohesion that ensures staff retention over many years and loyal customer relations. Our work and range of services mean that we are ideal for follow-up jobs. In most cases, we have already handled two or more jobs for each of our customers.

Our range of services is a significant factor in this success. Whether it is before, during or when handing over a project, our test engineering and expert certification ensure that we constantly achieve the high quality for which Intercem is renowned. Furthermore, our maintenance service means that we can ensure the fast and smooth operation of our machines wherever they are, even after a project is finished.

Our most important services at a glance:

  • On-site service
  • Project consultation
  • Measurements
  • Cost-efficiency calculations
  • Commercial training
  • Dismantling and assembly supervision
  • Commissioning supervision
  • Maintenance service

We have a top-quality range of components. We procure them from former cement plants and then overhaul them, both technically and visually. Our extensive storage facility also ensures a high level of availability for wear and spare parts.

Video conferencing means, for example, that we are able to keep a close eye on projects all over the world from Germany and Switzerland and, if need be, to quickly intervene. A further advantage is that we are able to communicate with the customer face-to-face and can work together to find the perfect solution.

Some of our most important services include project definitions, cost-efficiency calculations and taking exact measurements using state-of-the-art 3D measuring equipment.

Solidarity creates security | Speed also requires prompt action and unrestricted free scope. All this is possible because we see ourselves as a big community, the Intercem family. All our departments are interlinked and you have a single contact for dealing with the entire project. This approach creates closeness and trust, and, above all, ensures rapid progress as a result of direct information transfer.

For example, we offer conferences that give both customers and employees the chance to find out about the most recent state of development. Trade fairs and events allow us to create direct dialogue with each other and between business partners. Our communication is always aimed at transferring information between the Intercem companies, our customers and everyone with whom we come into contact as part of our work.

This means that we are also well aware of the cultural responsibility we have as a result of working in different countries. We meet this responsibility by always working with people rather than going over their heads.

Take our word for it and give us the opportunity to impress you with our fast, fair and flexible work. Fast.Fair.Flexible.

Modernising a cement plant by expanding its production from 800 to 2000 tpd in 18 months is fast work. A production stop of only ten weeks highlights our flexible approach to project handling and shows that we are target-oriented when it comes to project implementation.

We provide our customers with responsible support on site during training, instruction and expert commissioning of their new plant.

We are in demand in more than 30 countries as business partners for engineering, installation and services in everything to do with production facilities for the cement industry.

Careers at Intercem | At its Oelde site, the Intercem Group provides comprehensive engineering and project management solutions for the cement industry in the areas of project planning, engineering, plant design and planning, project handling, construction supervision, assembly and training.

We offer potential applicants opportunities in roles such as project managers, project engineers, pyroprocessing technicians and supervisors.

Recent job offers:



Please send your application documents to:
Intercem Engineering GmbH
Anke Jochem
Head of Administration
Carl-Zeiss-Str. 10
59302 Oelde, Germany
Tel. +49 2522 92058-41

Intercem Installation GmbH
Anke Jochem
Head of Administration
Carl-Zeiss-Str. 10
59302 Oelde
Tel. +49 2522 92058-41

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Know-how and innovation around cement plants

“InterUp enables the upgrading of existing cement plants to cutting-edge technologies. This leads to an effective increase of capacities and a massive reduction of operating costs.”


From old to new | No long way with Intercem. After a detailed check-up of the plant to be optimized and a planning phase aimed at cost-effectiveness, the necessary components for the plant are individually composed.

If for example up to that time only classic fuels could be used, such as oil, gas and coal, the upgrading of the preheater-technology makes the application of alternative fuels possible, as for example processed animal meal, domestic or industrial waste.

The Intercem preheater-technology comprises a 5-step-preheater with pre-calcination and integrated ter-tiary air duct connection to the clinker cooler. Upgrading the clinker cooler reduces the needed electrical energy to the minimum. The upgrade also includes the optimization of the burner technology and the filter technology, such as the kiln exhaust filter, the air cooler with exhaust filter and the gen-eral process filter. The exchange and the refurbishment of the roller station as well as an exact measurement and adjustment of existing rotary kilns perfectly complete the InterUp scope of supply.

Intercem’s refurbished spare parts increase performance capacities and minimize the energy input and consumption considerably. Moreover old technologies are replaced by efficient new components in a very economical way.

An example before-after shows how an outdated plant can be converted into a highly efficiently working cement plant, without discarding and renewing plant components which are still productive and powerful.

“InterGrind comprises ball mills with high-performance separators in a closed grinding circuit, which optimize and modernize cement plants and increase their performance.”


Act internationally | Intercem is acting internationally and always offers to each customer the most economical solution, which can be planned and manufactured – as per the customer’s requirement – nationally, in Europe or globally. Specific manufacturing processes, different performance classes as well as raw materials to be used and transport facilities are included in the planning.

Thus, clients do not need to adapt to the plant, the plant is adapted to the client’s requirements. The capacity areas of the offered products and services vary from the minimum capacity up to the maximum possible. Existing cement plants are optimized, modernized and made more efficient by InterGrind. In case of completely new grinding plants customers have the choice between Intercem-owned products or alternative products. In every case, a high grinding quality, an over-average input and low wear rates are achieved.

Already existing ball mills can be equipped with completely new interior fittings leading to high performance again. For plants in operation, Intercem has spare parts on stock which can be tailor-made and adapted to the existing plant. Furthermore Intercem offers a comprehensive consulting, which can reach from material handling to the development of new cement varieties and their implementation into the regional markets.

With all InterGrind solutions Intercem achieves an individual, needs-oriented and product-specific result, which could not be realized with standard solutions.

“InterSep enables an energy-efficient separation – flexible and compact. With the new high efficiency separators of the latest generation Intercem has the appropriate product for each specific application. A low bypass-rate ensures the highest possible separation grade.”


Flexible and compact | Consequent further development of the separator technology results in a high efficiencyseparator of the latest generation, corre-sponding to the highest demands. Optimization of the separation chamber geometry and optimized streaming processes have been proven in different reference plants. Areas exposed to a high wear potential are equipped with highly wear-resistant materials in order to achieve a maintenance friendly product.

In direct connection with the ball mill de-dusting the separator-circulating-air-fan is omitted. This leads to a reduction of the specific labor need in the complete grinding plant.

Both separator types separate the material with the lowest bypass rate and highly efficiently. Moreover the compact construction of the high efficiency separator allows – in con-nection with further plant components – the exchange of old separator types at the same places of installation. Complicated and cost-intensive interventions into existing buildings are omitted.

The manufacturing of the high efficiency separators takes place in the manufacturing center in our site in Oelde. As an option, separator housing components can also be produced by local workshops in order to come up to high economical requirements.

“InterMod, the individually combinable module system for smaller capacities up to 30 tph can be moved and removed quickly and ultra-flexibly and thus enables a quick location change.”


Connect and cement | Connect and produce cement exactly where it is needed. In sufficient quantities, top quality and round the clock. InterMod, the modular system makes it possible.

The modules are pre-assembled, individually combinable, quickly removable, ultra-flexible and designed for rapid change of location. They are equipped with proven single products and electronically pre-installed.

Smaller plants are ready for operation in only a few weeks from the moment of delivery. In the same short period of time they can be disassembled and stored or rebuilt in another location. This enables the operator to react in a flexible way to economic, cultural, political or environmental modifications.

Additionally, customers who want to increase the added value of their plant find the ideal solution with InterMod. Traders can produce their own cement and react flexibly to customers’ requirements, they become independent from suppliers and can adapt to changing local circumstances. As InterMod does not need long planning- and construction times, assembly costs including accommodation are extremely reduced.

Disassembly is also quick and safe. The transport to the next operation site or to the interim storage is possible without high logistical effort. When re-assembled, the modules can be adapted to the new requirements.

Investment costs can be planned risk-free at an early stage, because for each modular system the needed capacity, the quality of results, the composition of components, the following usability, an eventual interim storage etc. can be stipulated in advance.


“InterSeal is a state-of-the-art technology, preventing the intrusion of ambient air into the process air.”


Own technologies | InterSeal has been especially developed by Intercem, topping by far standardized minimum requirements. It comes up to the real and daily high requirements of production flow in all areas. Thus, InterSeal cares for an increased operational safety and guarantees a long-term, trouble-free operation of the plant.

Adapted by Intercem engineers on site, existing plants are completely safe. The adaptation is executed digitally by a 3D-Scanner, which assures absolute precision work for the assembly.

As connecting element between rotary kiln and preheater, InterSeal avoids the inlet of ambient air and the escape of 800 °C hot raw meal. Furthermore, rotating as well as vertical and horizontal movements of the rotary kiln are absorbed and balanced. All this creates an enormous safety for robust production processes.


“InterAdd is a supplementary offer, adapting the loading and packing systems to the optimized plant.”


Effective and efficient | Cement plants optimized by Intercem work quicker, more effective and with more performance quality. Very often the existing loading- and packing systems have to be adapted to these new conditions. Intercem offers the ideal solution for this.

Intercem engineers analyze the new requirements with 3D-scanners and draw up a 3D-drawing of the complete plant according to the so-achieved measurements, volumes etc.

This can either mean a completely new construction or the integration into existing production areas of the build-ing. At the end of the analysis a real shot of the new packing plant visualizes the future situation.


“InterEng, the engineering scope of services, ranges from 3D measurements on site to new planning up to the detail construction of own products and plant components. We at Intercem are particularly proud of the high level of dedication and competence of our engineers.”


Acting instead of reacting | Proximity to the customer, direct communication and a continuous flow of information are particularly important to us. A pre-condition for this is an internal and external cohesion, establishing long-standing employee loyalty as well as loyal connections to the customers. We recommend ourselves with our work and our service offers for follow-up orders. As a rule we have already managed two or more offers for individual customers.

Our service offers contribute significantly to this success. Whether before, during or upon handover of a project: our test engineering and the expert certification always assure constant, good quality. That is what Intercem is well known for. And after having finished a project, our maintenance service always ensures a quick, smooth and reliable operation of the plants we built, no matter where they are.

Our most important services at a glance:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Service on site
  • Project meetings
  • Blind-audit
  • Measurement
  • Profitability calculations
  • Disassembly-/assembly supervision
  • Commissioning/-supervision
  • Maintenance service


By means of video conference, for example, we are in the position to follow up projects all over the world from Germany and Switzerland and to intervene promptly where appropriate. A further advantage is the face-to-face communication with the client and the possibility of a solution-oriented collaboration with him.

Project definitions, profitability calculations and the exact measurement with ultra-modern 3D measuring instruments are among our most important services

“InterServ, that means services are always as good as the people behind them. From disassembly, complete refurbishment, transport and assembly to re-commissioning and After Sales by a team of experts.”


Service, that perfectly fits | Intercem offers a broad variety of services, ranging from repair and maintenance of existing plants – executed by our experienced supervisors and our well-trained installation staff – up to our own special tools and standard tools.

This is supported by our in-house manufacturing center, where we are able to manufacture diverse machine- and spare parts.

From Germany to Colombia | The de-placement of a complete cement plant from Germany to Colombia was an excellent technical and logistic tour de force. The following working steps were necessary before it became possible to produce successfully 1,200 tons of cement per day with the highest availability:

  • General and detailed planning
  • Project management and supervision
  • Disassembly in Germany
  • Development of the appropriate engineering with state-of-the-art technologies
  • Implementation of new and supplementary supplies
  • Logistics and transport
  • Assembly/-supervision
  • Commissioning/-supervision


Combining used and modernised machines with new components featuring state-of-the-art technology means that we are able to create custom solutions for even the most complex of tasks.

The selected projects from our portfolio of reference plants represent just some examples of the flexibility Intercem can offer to customers.

SEA INVEST – ship unloading system in Ivory Coast

Video property of Intercem. Reproduction is not permitted without the written permission of the company.

CIM IVOIRE – 8000 tpd cement grinding plant in Ivory Coast

Video property of Intercem. Reproduction is not permitted without the written permission of the company.

CIMASSO – 6000 tpd cement grinding plant in Burkina Faso

Video property of Intercem. Reproduction is not permitted without the written permission of the company.

CEM’IN’EU – Modular cement grinding plant in France

Video property of Cem‘In’Eu. Reproduction is not permitted without the written permission of the company.
Pulverising mill for raw materials

Pulverising mill for raw materials

Pulverising mill for raw materials | While still engaged in handling the capacity enhancement project at the Sharjah Cement Factory (project 1), Intercem was commissioned with supplying a raw material milling plant with a throughput capacity of 180 tonnes per hour.

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Commissioning a cement mill plant

Commissioning a cement mill plant

In Kuwait, Intercem constructed a complete cement mill plant on the basis of a used and reconditioned raw mill with a diameter of 4.2 m and a length of 13 m. The ball mill has a double pinion drive with an output of 2 x 1750 kW. The mechanics were enhanced and rounded...

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Used equipment for the cement & lime industry

Reconditioned equipment | On the following pages you will find a selection of our used equipment for the cement and lime industry, in the categories of filters, ventilators,fans, screw conveyors, bucket elevators, slat conveyors, conveyor belts, belt weighers, hoists, cement pumps, crushers, mills, packing and palletiser plants, kilns, vibrating screens and miscellaneous equipment.

We are very happy to personally answer any questions you may have.

On the following pages you can find a list of our used machines.

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