“InterUp enables the upgrading of existing cement plants to cutting-edge technologies. This leads to an effective increase of capacities and a massive reduction of operating costs.”

From old to new | No long way with Intercem. After a detailed check-up of the plant to be optimized and a planning phase aimed at cost-effectiveness, the necessary components for the plant are individually composed.

If for example up to that time only classic fuels could be used, such as oil, gas and coal, the upgrading of the preheater-technology makes the application of alternative fuels possible, as for example processed animal meal, domestic or industrial waste.

The Intercem preheater-technology comprises a 5-step-preheater with pre-calcination and integrated ter-tiary air duct connection to the clinker cooler. Upgrading the clinker cooler reduces the needed electrical energy to the minimum. The upgrade also includes the optimization of the burner technology and the filter technology, such as the kiln exhaust filter, the air cooler with exhaust filter and the gen-eral process filter. The exchange and the refurbishment of the roller station as well as an exact measurement and adjustment of existing rotary kilns perfectly complete the InterUp scope of supply.

Intercem’s refurbished spare parts increase performance capacities and minimize the energy input and consumption considerably. Moreover old technologies are replaced by efficient new components in a very economical way.

An example before-after shows how an outdated plant can be converted into a highly efficiently working cement plant, without discarding and renewing plant components which are still productive and powerful.


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