SOFICO-Intercem: EP Contract for cement plant in Haiti



The cement plant is designed for all departments of the cement plants:

  • Crushing of raw materials
  • Raw material storage and homogenisation
  • Raw mix control
  • Raw mix material grinding and kiln dedusting
  • Raw mix material storage and pre-blending
  • Clinker burning and storage
  • Cement grinding
  • Cement storage
  • Cement packing & truck loading
  • Coal grinding plant

Project description:

In general the contract contains the crushing and storage of limestone/additives, a raw material grinding plant, a raw material homogenisation silo with the feeding system to the 5-stage single-string preheater tower including pre-calciner.

The rotary kiln has a capacity of 5.000 tpd clinker and a kiln filter system. The clinker cooler is equipped with an air/air heat-exchanger and bag filter to dedust the system.

The clinker will be stored in a 100.000 to clinker storage and the cement grinding plant with a VRM has a capacity of 6.000 tpd.


The cement will be stored in 4 x 5.500 to concrete cement silos with bulk loading stations. 3 x 8 spout rotary valve bag packers including 4 x truck loading systems have a capacity of 8.000 tpd.

The scope of supply includes the entire engineering, project management, transport, mechanical & electrical equipment and the supervision of the civil works, mechanical and electrical erection works and the supervision of the commissioning.

The engineering and the deliveries will be executed according to the Best Technology Available (BTA). All equipment will be delivered from first-call manufacturers based in Germany or other EU countries.

The execution of this ambitious project will be based – as usual – on the motto:

Fast. Fair. Flexible.


5.000 tpd clinker / 6.000 tpd cement plant master layout for Haiti

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