Sea Invest – Shipment loading system put into operation


The order Intercem received from Sea Invest at the end of 2016 which included the supply of troughed belt conveyors and all associated components and the EPC-based transfer tower – from piling, foundation work, steel construction, cladding of the building, roofing of the belt bridges, the necessary filters and chutes to the electrical equipment, installation and commissioning – has now been handed over without delay as contractually agreed.
The ship unloading system comprises two conveyors with a length of 100 m and a capacity of 1200 t/h. The first belt can be loaded with material over its entire length by a hopper. Two towers were built, one with a height of approx. 8 metres and the second with a height of 34 metres. A generator located in the lower part of Transfer Tower 2 provides the emergency power supply.
The ship unloading system was built to be connected to the 2 x 50,000 t clinker silos and the raw material warehouse for Cim Ivoire. This means that the clinker and raw material can be unloaded truck-free in order to comply with the new regulations of the port authority in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.


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