New order for Intercem of renowned German cement producer



Intercem has received an order for the optimization of the raw meal dosing from a renowned German cement plant.

Currently the raw meal dosing of a kiln is situated in front of the bucket elevator of the heat exchanger building. After the bucket elevator, the material flow is divided volumetrically by an air chute system to both of the heat exchanger pipes. The sealing to the exchanger is realized by two rotary valves.

The existing dosing will also be used further on for the realization of the feed rate. After the bucket elevator, the flow rate is divided by an adjustable splitter. The material is guided to the two dosing bunkers by means of air chutes. Each single pipe of the heat exchanger is separately supplied with raw meal gravimetrically from the dosing bunkers by mass flow dosing devices. Subsequently the raw meal is led to the feeding point over a short pneumatic conveyor.

Intercem’s scope of supply and services comprises the measurement by 3D scan of the respective area in the heat exchanger building as well as the delivery, assembly and commissioning of the process plant. The special challenge is the planning into the existing site and – due to the height of the building – the assembly of the plant without crane support.


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