Groundbreaking in Burkina Faso



On 03.03.2016 the third contract between Kanis International Group for CIMASSO in Bobo Dioulasso / Burkina Faso and Intercem was concluded for the largest order in the company history. Already on 27.05.2016 the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a cement grinding plant with a capacity of 6.500 t/day took place .

The Prime Minister, further high-ranking government representatives from Burkina Faso, local and international business representatives, the President of Kanis International Group Mr. Inoussa Kanazoe, Intercem’s management and further 4000 guests took part in this official and significant opening ceremony.


Intercem’s scope of supply comprises the engineering, the supply of mechanical and electrical equipment of exclusively European origin, the project management and the supervision of erection as well as the commissioning.

The following scope of supply was agreed:

  • Train unloading station for clinker
  • Truck unloading for lime & additives
  • Storage of 100.000 t of clinker & raw materials
  • Raw material shed & dosing station
  • 6500 tpd cement grinding plant with VRM
  • 4x 4000 t cement silos
  • 8000 tpd loading of cement bags incl. the truck loading station


On the occasion of this groundbreaking, a donation of 5.000 EURO was handed over from Intercem to the director of the educational institution LPTIC-B, Mr. Sibiri Sanou, the representative on site of the charitable organisation Werkhof Darmstadt e.V.. This donation is destined for the establishment and equipment of the educational institution for technical and economical professions, which supports the professional education of young people from poor families. This project of Werkhof Darmstadt e.V. is officially recognized by the German authority for economical collaboration and development “Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung”. It is very particular that the authority increases nine-fold each donated EURO, which means that – based on the donation of Intercem – an amount of 50.000 EURO is available for the supported educational project. Intercem would appreciate this donation to act as a signal and wants to support the development of the poor country.

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