Pendulum cooler (I01059)

The pendulum cooler will be single stage with single hydraulic drive located under the IKN Clinker Inlet Distribution Support – KIDS. The mobile frame will be suspended form the IKN Linear Pendulum Support – LPS – integrated into the under grate housing.
The grate area will be sized for a clinker outlet temperature of 65°C above ambient at 35oo t/d. At this production a grate speed of 9 spm only is expected.
The cooler is offered with an IKN Roll Crusher located at the cold end. As compared with a hammer crusher there will be no chain curtain, no grizzly bars and no kiln stops caused by large lumps or coating pieces. Electric power and wear will be lower.
Clinker fall through will be air piped to the clinker discharge by the IKN Pneumatic Hopper Drainage – PHD. There will be no drag chain under the cooler.
The large kiln hood with outlet seal is sized for 5 m/s to reduce dust return to kiln. Tertiary air will be taken from the top of kiln hood. The temperature of secondary and tertiary air will be identical at all times. Extra high secondary air temperature is avoided so that the cooler can be operated with higher and more stable heat recuperation.

Technische Daten

Supplier: IKN
Cooling interval: 1400 °C / 65 °C above ambient (P-2)
Cooler size:
Fixed inlet:
Pendulum section:
3,8 m x 7 rows, sloped: 15°
3,8 m x 59 rows, sloped: 2°
Aerated surface: 80,3 m²
Clinker load: 43,6 t/m²,d
Installed cooling air: 2,00 Nm³/kgcl
No. of new fans: 8 pcs.
Tertiary air: taken from kiln hood
Crusher: Roll crusher
Clinker discharge: pneumatic hopper drainage PHD
Vent air volume at upset: 399.240 m³/h at 300 °C
Frequency: 50 Hz
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