Order received for a secondary fuel plant. AF receiving, storing, reclaiming and dosing to rotary kilns

On the factory grounds of a German customer, a new secondary fuel plant will be installed to feed mainly fluff and other alternative fuels to the rotary kilns to increase the substitution rate. During the implementation, the existing plant will be kept in operation. The new plant is designed to ensure the receiving, storage, and dosing into the 3 of 4 rotary kilns on the plant site (step 1). Dosing unit 4 will be extended in a future step 2.

The AF material (mainly fluff) will be unloaded by walking floor trucks to be fed to a receiving station. It will be conveyed to a 2500 m³ stored unit. It is then discharged, treated and conveyed to the dosing system which is located on the burner platform. Subsequently, any foreign substances are removed, and the material is sorted before being distributed to the feeders. Each dosing unit feeds one of the main burners of the rotary kilns. The existing dosing station will be further used to feed the main kiln burners.

Intercem is responsible for the plant layout, mechanical engineering, delivery of steel construction and equipment, erection and the commissioning. The start of production will be in Q1/2024.

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