Intercem meets Burkina Faso’s State President on 21.03.2017 in Berlin


At the beginning of 2015, the cement grinding plant Cimfaso in Ouagadougou was commissioned with a grinding capacity of 135t/h and has been performing trouble-free since then. Intercem received a further order for a 6.500 t/d cement grinding plant in Bobo-Dioulasso, which will be the largest cement grinding plant in Burkina Faso. Further construction permits will not be granted.

Moreover, Intercem is currently building an 8.000 t/d grinding plant in the neighboring country Ivory Coast, which was ordered by the same investor, Cimmetal Group. The investor is very interested in the good bilateral relations between Intercem / Burkina Faso and the neighboring countries and he is planning further expansions in the bordering friendly countries. State President Roch Marc Kaboré appreciated this information and will support the projects.

State President, H.E. Roch Marc Kaboré, was accompanied by further seven ministers of his country, who were ready for detailed discussions after the meeting in order to map out further investment opportunities. The state development program PNDES (NATIONAL PLAN FOR ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT), among others, is available for those kinds of projects and actively provides financial support for further investment shares until 2020.

It was agreed to have further discussions concerning the development of the country Burkina Faso for the future economic benefit making use of the good experiences with Intercem for Burkina Faso.

Marc File-Intercem, Inoussa Kanazoe-Cimmetal and State President Roch Marc Kaboré

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