Separator replacement in a cement grinding plant

As part of an ongoing contract with the Tunisian customer LES CIMENTS D’OUM EL KELIL / CIOK, Intercem replaced a sorter in a cement grinding plant.

The work involved substituting the existing second-generation sorter for a high-performance, third-generation sorter: the ICS 220. Intercem was responsible for delivering a turnkey service. The ICS 220 was installed in the second quarter of 2013, with the acceptance certificate then signed by the customer LES CIMENTS D’OUM EL KELIL / CIOK in the fourth quarter of 2013.

The 4.6 x 16.0 m ball mill has a drive output at the main mill drive of 4500 kW, enabling the ICS 220 to deliver a throughput capacity of 160 t/h CIAL 42.5.

The existing mill building was measured by Intercem using a 3D laser scanning system in order to ensure the utmost precision for plant planning and detail engineering purposes.

Intercem also carried out the dismantling and assembly work. In addition to delivering the plant parts’ core components manufactured at the company’s facility in Oelde, Intercem also produced some plant parts on-site.

The filter systems were modified, the electrical technology and automation systems were upgraded, and the cement outlet conveyor was optimised. On completion of all the renovation work – which required a cement mill plant downtime period of just 10 weeks – Intercem successfully recommissioned the entire plant.

With everything that was guaranteed having been fulfilled, the optimised plant is now successfully up and running.

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