Krupp ball mill Ø 2.8 m x 7 m (I00180)

Herewith we offer a complete used and partly refurbished Krupp ball mill including liners, gear box, motor and white metal bearings. Documentation and drawings are available. Customized solutions (e.g. refurbishing, disassembly, detail engineering) are available on demand.

Technical data

Supplier: Krupp, Germany
Year of manufacture: 1963
Inner diameter: 2800 mm
Cylindric length of mill shell: approx. 7000 mm
Kind of bearing: neck journal bearing
Mill drive: gear rim / pinion drive
Pinstalled: 750 kW
main gear-box: Krupp 5133; 750 kW; 990/125 Rpm
main motor: Siemens; slip-ring motor; 750 kW; 990 Rpm


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