Aumund Roll Sizer 600 x 2000 (I01049) – NEW !

On offer: NEW roll sizer 600 x 2000 of the renowned German manufacturer Aumund. Please see technical details in the attached specification. Additional customized solutions (e.g. detail engineering and technical complements) are available on demand.

Technical data

Basic Data

Feed material: Bauxite, Iron Ore, Gypsum, Slag (GBFS)
Fed by apron feeder train unloading station
Feed size unfrozen: 0-50 mm
Feed size amalgamated or frozen (wintertime): 0-500 x 500 x 600 mm
Feed moisture Bauxite: max. 13%
Feed moisture Iron Ore: max. 10%
Feed moisture Gypsum: max. 10%
Feed moisture Slag (GBFS): max. 12%
Bulk density Bauxite: approx. 1,35 t/m³
Bulk density Iron Ore: approx. 1,8 t/m³
Bulk density Gypsum: approx. 1,5 t/m³
Bulk density Slag (GBFS): approx. 1,2 t/m³
Operatimg time: 2 x 8 hrs/day, 6 days/week
Ambient temperature: +15°C to + 25°C (average)
-30°C to + 40°C (min./max. extremes)
Altitude: below 100 m asl.
Standards: DIN, VDE, IEC, ISO


Peformance Data

Throughput: 350 t/h
Product size: 95% < 100 mm
measured on square mesh according to ISO 2591 and ISO 3310

Technical Specifications

  • 1 RollSizer DRS 660 x 2000 CenterSize
  • 2 AC-motors 110 kW, 1500 rpm. B3 with motor starter – included
  • 1 Inlet hood incl. 1 Microwave Level detetor and wear plate liners
  • 1 Discharge chute incl. wear plate liners
  • 1 Movable chute incl. 1 inspection flap and wear plate liners – included
  • 1 Platforms and stairs

NOT included: Further Electrical Equipment

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