Largest order in the company history – and it still continues…



On 03.03.2016, a contract between CIMASSO (Burkina Faso) – a sister company of CIMFASO and CIM IVOIRE – was concluded. As before in the contract with CIMFASO and CIM IVOIRE, Intercem was charged with the construction of a cement grinding plant. Also for this plant, Intercem’s scope of supply will comprise the engineering, supply of mechanical and electrical equipment, project management and the supervision of erection and commissioning. The capacity of the grinding plant will be of 6.500 t/day.

Moreover, during negotiations for this new contract, the existing contract with CIM IVOIRE, which was signed on 30.10.2015, was updated from a grinding capacity of 6.500 to 8.650 t/day. The planned rail and truck loading station will be extended by an unloading station for raw materials such as Dolomite delivered from Burkina Faso to Ivory Cote respectively clinker and gypsum supplied to Burkina Faso. Furthermore, a new storage hall for these materials is previewed.

The challenging timeframe for the new project CIMASSO is also only 18 months and will be executed in parallel to the construction in Abidjan.


Intercem convinced the customer also in this case according to its motto “Fast, fair, flexible” of its efficiency and customer orientation, which was already proved by the construction and commissioning of the cement grinding plant for the sister company CIMFASO in Burkina Faso at the beginning of 2015.


Masterlayout:CIM IVOIRE (left image), CIMASSO (right image)

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